Anthony Jordan

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AJ is an artist from the Inland Empire of Southern California. His passion lies in exploring the digital medium in any way possible; from digital painting, to synthesized music, to video games. AJ looks to find a place for art and expression in the ever-changing modern world.
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This is an provocative art piece depicting a semi-nude woman sitting in a precarious pose. She is very attractive. I think we have a promising future together.

wacom on photoshop, 2013

The Shopkeeper

A mockup of what a game of DOTA 2 might look like as some kind of mobile game. The logo in the beginning is backwards.

illustrator vector art in after effects, 2013


A working mockup of prog.1, a game released on steam in 2016. It has mostly positive reviews.

pixels on Construct 2, 2016


A fan piece representing the rapper "Earl Sweatshirt". It has 2500+ likes on tumblr and counting

wacom on photoshop, 2016


A personal piece depicting the ferocious Roshan from DOTA 2. Someone once told me that they couldn't read the text.

pen tool on illustrator, 2013


Illustration depicting the character of Atrus Falling, a young boy just trying to make his way in the matrix.

pencil to vector art in Illustrator, 2012


Promotional video for the clothing brand, Operating System. 

vector art in After Effects, 2012

atrus falling

Solo music project heavily influenced by chiptune and the Postal Service. The band, not the service. Though I still respect their duty to our great country. 

MIDI Controllers in Logic Pro and Ableton Live, 2012


Tile set made for sale on the Unity Asset Store. People like to pretend they made this for notes on twitter.

pixels in Pyxel Edit, 2014

Our Heroine

An animation depicting a character to star in a upcoming project called +1 Sword. Seh doesn't afraid of anything. 

pixels in Pyxel Edit, 2016

Vector Arcade

Branding for the game company Vector Arcade that will exist officially. One day.

pen tool in Illustrator and Photoshop, 2015